Tracing Your Roots Around the World

A Journey Through Genealogy & Immigration Have you ever wondered about the epic tales hidden in your family tree? In the intricate tapestry of our family history, threads of immigration weave compelling stories, shaping the lives and destinies of our ancestors. Genealogy unravels this tapestry and takes us on a journey through time. Let’s dive […]

The Genealogist vs The Family Historian

According to Merriam-Webster genealogy is ‘an account of the descent of a person, family or group from an ancestor or from older forms’ ‘regular descent of a person, family or group or organisms from a progenitor or older form’ ‘the study of family ancestral lines’ Or ‘an account of the origin and historical development of […]

My Whole World Family Tree

My family tree has been a work in progress for about 25 years & I have searched for records all over the world, sitting in front of my computer. I have always identified myself as Italian, because that is how I was raised even though my last name is Finnish. I knew that my grandfather […]

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Before I started searching for my family, I thought that finding them would be a piece of cake. After all, how many Niemi’s, Tomassini’s or Pieri’s can there be in this world? Where I grew up, they were pretty unique, especially the Niemi and the Pieri surnames. Tomassini was a bit more common because that […]

Am I Italian? Yes! and so much more…

DNA Doesn’t Lie My DNA tells me that I am at least 32% Italian, so what makes up the other 68%? I relate to my Italian heritage because that is how I was raised, but my father’s genealogy is 50% Italian/50% Finnish.  When their mother, Mary Tomassini, passed in September 1940 in San Francisco from […]